- To analyse and adapt the current formulations facing the national legislation, mainly in the proof of effectiveness and bibliographical rising of proof of claims (search for technical information on the products and their benefits, in order to scientifically validate-or not-the claims catalogued in the briefing)

- To drive registration of new products, as for proposed claims

· To analyse possible new products development' ways for the nutrition and health areas

· To drive ideas' development structure to feed future products development in this area

· To drive effectiveness and toxicological evaluations that shall be made in the nutrition and health' lines products

· To drive sensorial analysis and quality-quantitative market research' procedures

· To drive health and nutrition' products briefing's elaboration

· To drive health and nutrition products formulations' development facing the benefits expected in the briefing and in compliance with legislation in force

· To develop partners that can supply raw material and/or outsource products' production

· To elaborate and amend new products labelling, promotional and explanatory pamphlet (directions) texts, complying formulation, claims and legislation, as well as interaction with an advertising agency under' clients choice, seeking to keep the company/end-user' linguistic identity and standard

· To elaborate and/or validate new products quality dossiers, working mutually with the company' quality/industrial sectors or outsourcing industry-cross-teamwork strategy

· To elaborate and/or validate technical texts on health and nutrition products, among other activities that lead to the individual well-being, in order to create critical mass for the customer's collaborators in these concepts

· To participate in sales and consumer service training, as for the knowledge on the new concepts applied in health and nutrition products

· To participate in the Consumer Service Group' elaboration

· To supervise lot and industrial pilot to upkeep the quality and performance characteristics of products developed and approved in laboratory

· To supervise sales of the first three [03] months, through technical support, when appropriate, supervising consumer service, sales, training areas and outsourcing industry concerning the products developed

· To develop oral hygiene products hygiene oral (toothpastes, remineralizings, toothbrushes, mouth rinsing liquid, dental floss)