PROTOCOLO - Personal and Health Care consulting firm - our vision is to be the absolute best personal and health care consulting firm measures by the value we deliver to our clients as a creative and new ideas concepts disseminator company, promoting the advent of products with innovation and quality within-and if possible, above-customers' expectations, and by our strength as an institution.

The Reason for Being
PROTOCOLO - Personal and Health Care consulting firm - believes that each individual's personal and professional growth depends on their relationships with the world and themselves. People have the capacity to transform everything around them, including organizations, in any level, since doing everything with dedication, pledge, creativity and competence. These values added to honesty take people-and consequently, organizations-to reach their higher and daring objectives.

To make this reason a reality, we try to work and live by certain core values-Professionalism, Fairness, Integrity, Respect, Trust, Client Service, Diversity, Entrepreneurship, Excellence, and Teamwork, besides promoting transparency and exchanging mutual commitment with our customers and partners.